General Jerry Boykin on Rear Admiral William Lee

The people that do know their God
shall be strong,
and do exploits.”
Dan 11:32

General Jerry BoykinDecorated U.S. Army General Jerry Boykin is an extraordinary American hero in every since of the word.  His military exploits renown and the demonstration of his faith is exemplary.

Hear what he has to say regarding Admiral William Lee’s presentation at the National Day of Prayer last thursday.

“Rear Admiral William Lee demonstrated real courage when he spoke at the National Day of Prayer event in the nation’s capital. I have seen courage manifested in many ways, including the ultimate sacrifice of one’s life for one’s country, but this type of moral courage is becoming more and more rare. This is especially true as we live in an environment increasingly hostile toward religious expression. The kind of courage that the Admiral displayed yesterday is a refreshing reminder that there are still courageous men in uniform. Rear Admiral Lee spoke of rules in the uniformed services that prevent Christians from sharing their faith and he pledged to continue to be open about his faith regardless of the pressure not to. He obviously knows that he has a constitutional right to share his faith unimpeded. Talking about Jesus Christ with interested friends and colleagues should be as natural and protected as talking about sports teams and the weather. That it is now under threat is simply un-American.

“You want a real hero? Just look no further than Rear Admiral William D Lee.”

“Hopefully, the skeptics who have offered opinions about the extent of hostility toward Christians in our uniformed services will wake up and take notice of what the Admiral said yesterday. He is giving you the truth and it is hard truth that must cause concern among all Americans and not just Christians,” concluded General Boykin.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe

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  • Parson_Rayphe

    I agree it is great!! General Boykin has always been an inspiration. Thanks for the comment. Blessings!

  • delta4ce7

    I say that evil will win as long as there are more bad guys than good guys. Join the good guys. Join the NRA, the John Birch Society and Act for America now before no one is allowed to be a good guy. Our freedoms are not guaranteed to those that want to destroy those freedoms and deny them to the rest of us. As a matter of fact, our freedoms are specifically denied to anyone that does not want us to have them. Live by the golden rule, not Sharia.

    I also say that wearing or displaying “religious” or “patriotic” stuff that shows what we claim to believe isn’t really a matter of life or death but neither should we be prohibited from doing it if we want. However, since atheists and Muslims claim to be offended at Christians and Jews wearing or displaying such things and demand that we not do it or be fined or punished in some way we seriously need to demand that they live by the same rules. Muslims must stop wearing items of clothing or accessories that identify them as Muslims or make them look like Muslims and they must remove all Muslim symbols from their homes and mosques and build their mosques so that they don’t look like mosques etc. Also, when out in public they must not let anyone see them avoid eating or touching pork or requiring food that doesn’t comply with their particular beliefs. And, if they believe that it’s acceptable to burn the American flag or pictures of Jesus etc. then it should be acceptable for anyone to burn their flags and pictures of Muhammad and their Koran etc. Agree? Let’s hear it for “fair play.”

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