America, islam, the UN and communism

Peter Hammond on communism, the UN, Islam and America
Peter Hammond;
Missionary in Africa

I can’t say enough about Peter Hammond.  Daniel 11:32 says that “the people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”  Well that verse certainly fits him well.  Born in Rhodesia, Peter Hammond has faithfully served throughout Africa now for 30 years traveling and enduring, for the Gospel, in situations that defy imagination.

As one who has witnessed, experienced and lived political and religious oppression all of his life, Dr. Peter Hammond provides us with a unique perspective of America’s current situation.

In October of 2012 Peter Hammond was in America and spoke to the Arizona Red Mountain Patriots.  If you would like to watch the video you will find it below posted with appreciation and permission.

The presentation is excellent and certainly worthy of your time.  But if you don’t have time, I have made some notes regarding his thoughts on America’s current state as it relates to islam, communism, dictators, his experiences in Africa and how they relate to Christians here in America.

High points of the presentation

As Peter Hammond was growing up, Rhodesia was a picture perfect place to live. During WW2 Rhodesia supported the allies.  But years after WW2 Rhodesia found itself being overcome by communism and no one would help them. Dr. Hammond stresses how wonderful Rhodesia was prior to communist aggression and takeover.

But as the communists moved in, Dr. Hammond subsequently saw people, homes and farms being attacked;  everyone was armed.  Missionary’s and Red Cross workers were murdered and left on the road.

During this time Jimmy Carter was president, in the United States, and much of what Peter Hammond witnessed in Rhodesia was the result of Carter’s failed foreign policies.

Today, what was the plentiful and peaceful land of Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe. And rather than being the “paradise” that Peter Hammond knew, the region now suffers the cost of communism. Food, water fuel, electricity, a working infrastructure and other necessities of life are all scarce. The land is in turmoil.

Along with Rhodesia, all totaled 13 countries fell to communism during Carters presidency.  Carter is responsible for millions of deaths at the hands of communists, and even more beatings and torture.

For example SWAPO terrorists, funded by the world council of churches (no that’s not a misprint) planted land mines that resulted in over 10,000 civilian murders and untold injuries and trauma in South West Africa / Namibia alone.  The communists would take over schools, kidnap the children and force them to fight for the communists.

Contrary to Jimmy Carters communistic sympathy, under President Ronald Reagan, Peter Hammond said that not one country fell to communism.  As a matter of fact President Reagan reversed the trend.

Communists and islam despise weakness

“Nothing communists respect more than strength.
Nothing they despise more than weakness.”

Peter Hammond understands that tyrants desire disarmament of their citizenry.  He noted the sculpture, called the”knotted gun”, at the UN of a revolver (a non-military firearm) with its barrel tied in a knot.  

He noted how in 1994 kofi annan was head of security for the UN in Rwanda.  He spoke of annan denying Christians access to armament desperately needed to protect themselves, even though it was available sitting in warehouses, while simultaneously facilitating their demise. 

In many cases the UN forces would purposely withdraw leaving unarmed Christians at the mercy of their well armed murderers.  He said that thousands upon thousands of Christians were hacked to death, shot and killed within site of UN compounds.

He remembers 800,000 Christians being murdered within 6 weeks – more than the number of people killed from all nuclear weapons in all of history.  He remembers literally walking waist deep in corpses.

Under “President” Clinton, Christian persecution skyrocketed again.  And then on Sept. 11, 2001 when the World Trade Centers went down, coordinated attacks were occurring elsewhere around the world that main stream media neglected to report.

The muslims knew something was going to happen and they were prepared.

For example in Nigeria, as the World Trade Centers were burning, muslims rushed out of their mosques with machetes  yelling   alah akbar (allah is great).  Nine thousand Christians died in Nigeria that day – three times the number murdered in the twin towers event.  Yet this atrocity went unreported  even though it occurred concurrently with the Twin Towers attack.


The war rages on even now

He said that even now there is constant war in Nigeria as well as other places throughout the Middle East particularly Egypt, Sudan and Northern Nigeria.    Muslims are doing all they can to maim, intimidate, kidnap and otherwise wage war to take dominion of the region.

In Iraq Christians are saying they are worse off now then they were under saddam hussein.  Over a million Christians have fled the area because of the detrimental effects of America’s foreign polices. “The situation in Iraq is now immeasurably worse than it was under Saddam Hussein.”

He stressed how appeasement doesn’t work with muslims and that they despise weakness.  As long as Americans look week, islam will increase.

Peter Hammond offers priceless insight to God’s people here in America.  He has lived, suffered and endured under communist aggression, dictators and islam; all of which are a very real threat to America today.

His approach is as ours should be; Preach Yeshua (Jesus) to the lost and stand for Righteousness.

I appreciate this presentation and being able to present it so that the people of Yahweh God might be “equipped for every good work.”

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I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe

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