The Responsible Christian and islam in America

In our reportIs there Christian Persecution in America?I site three primary points of concern that Christians in the United States should be aware of;  The second in that list is islam.

John Adams, Vice President under George Washington and second President of the United States, said that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams was raised in a strong Bible believing home and then held to Biblical values throughout his life; it was clearly within this context that he made that statement.

The Bible clearly states that a house divided cannot stand.  America has almost always been a safe haven for those seeking a better life.  No people group, including muslims, were turned away in early America as long as they complied with the laws which of course were primarily Bible based. And generally, Catholics, Jews, Mormons and others of non-Christian faith have had no problems coexisting with Christians in America.

However according to islam, muslims, who adhere to the koran, are at odds with American law.  Because it is the stated, vigorous goal of islam to eliminate Christians and dominate the world; in the mind of a committed muslim, America and Americans must submit to islam just as much of Europe is in the process of doing now.

Observation and studies have shown that (GRAPHIC) as muslim population density grows, aggressive behavior increases to affect their goals of domination and this is exactly what has been warned about.  In fact we are already seeing this behavior manifest in America.

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The Christian’s Responsibility toward muslims and islam

The Bible clearly states that we are to give our lives to Yahweh, the God of the Bible.  While in His service, there is little evidence to indicate Christians should provoke violence.  But on the other hand neither does the Bible instruct God’s people to be solicitous victims of evil.  In fact The Bible does instruct God’s people to stand strong for righteousness.

Yahweh God created us in spirit, soul and body.  The Bible instructs His people to preserve life.  Accordingly, when possible and as appropriate, in order to preserve life, attacks from evil can be met with spiritual, mental and physical responses as circumstances dictate.

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Most of all remember that many are confused and wandering about looking for answers.  The Christian should always be ready, able and eager for the opportunity to provide an answer to the hope that is within them.  You may be the one sent to provide those answers.

I’ll see you out in the field,

Parson Rayphe
Christian Persecution in America

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