Are Christians REALLY Persecuted in the U.S?

An example of Christian Persecution in AmericaYes this actually occurred in America (read below)

Is there Christian Persecution in America?

We acknowledge that many “Christians” in the United States today have a deserved reputation of being sensitive.  An honest appraisal of Christian Persecution in America would conclude that at this time, as a whole, American Christians don’t experience anything even close to  what our Brothers and Sisters in other countries endure.  Click here for an example of what persecuted Christians endure.  PLEASE NOTE: VERY GRAPHIC!

But ask the veteran school teacher Jerry Buell  in Florida who was suspended from his job and “investigated” for simply stating his sincerely held beliefs regarding homosexuality on his own personal Facebook page if he was discriminated against.  Or how about the man in Missouri,  Alaa Alsaegh, who was ran off of the road, stabbed and  had a Star of David carved in his back by muslims because he wrote a pro-Israel poem?  And some day maybe you will have the opportunity to ask Stephen Ocean and Tite Sufra, two Evangelists in Florida, who were gunned down / murdered with a shotgun for evangelizing how they felt about it.  Ask these men and /or their families if these experiences affected them financially, spiritually, physically or mentally and I think each one (if they could), and many, many others like them would tell you yes; there is Christian persecution in America.

But even though history is replete with similar trends, and regardless of provided definitions, explanations (above) or evidence; many, even some who call themselves “Christian”, sneer at the idea of Christian persecution in America.

History Reveals the Trend of Christian Persecution

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
George Santayana

There are many examples of this but here is an example that occurred in recent history that all should be familiar with. During the 1920’s and early 1930’s, prior to hitler’s rise to power, in some ways Germany was not terribly unlike what America used to be not  long ago. But then things began to change….

Hitler entered office with great promises to the people; offering “change they could count on” for things that really didn’t need “changed”.

Today there are striking similarities between modern America and nazi Germany. Are you aware that one of the first things hitler did in his rise to complete control over Germany was to subdue the Christian Church?  It was.  Before the rise of hitler the Christian Church in Germany was strong.  And there were some dear, beloved, courageous  saints who did stand up against hitler and his faction;  but it was too few too late.

Here are some examples of the “change” that hitler and his government implemented early on to pave the way for the dismantling of Germany, the murder and maiming of millions of innocent people and the dismemberment of the  German Christian Church.  By the way, most of the churches didn’t disappear; they simply changed their ideology from Christian to state sponsorship.  Pastors were told to either comply with statism, step down or be penalized which could and did include hanging.

Just like in America, in Germany these changes were made incrementally.  Note how history is indeed repeating itself.

  • While prayer in school had been obligatory the people allowed hitler to make it optional.  Prayer was removed from America’s public schools in 1962.
  • Festivals that had previously been identified as Christian holidays were reclassified with secular names.  This has been accomplished all over America.
  • They took very aggressive steps to control and intimidate “Pastors” to incorporate and encourage various seemingly harmless pagan worship while discouraging churches from preaching the true Gospel message. Most American churches have already voluntarily surrendered many of their rights by unnecessarily embracing 501 C3 registration and  some “churches” in America today incorporate “Christian” yoga, “chrislam” and other pagan religious activities into their programs.
  • They took control of public radio not allowing views contrary to theirs to be broad-casted. In America there is movement to restrict Biblical views as “hate speech” as they now do in Canada and some have tried to do in America.
  • They supported and promoted Darwinian Evolution to justify the purging of the species. In many schools and universities in America Creation is not even allowed to be introduced as an option.
  • In some cases the Christian cross symbol was outlawed and replaced with the German swastika (the swastika didn’t originate with hitler; it had previously been used as a religious symbol for thousands of years).  Today many  of the largest main stream churches that call themselves “Christian” are practicing and promoting the removal of the cross symbol so as not to offend anyone.

Applying the History of Christian Persecution to the United States Today

Together hitler and his faction did many, many other things  that worked to bring distrust among the people (like the DHS “see something say something” program in America).

Like some political leaders today, hitler identified himself as a “Christian” yet his actions were completely contrary to the Bible and true Christianity. It is also important to remember that hitler didn’t act alone in these things.  True Christians were pushed aside and others who wanted to be accepted and politically correct helped hitler implement his horrendous policies.

While creating his warped, adverse policies and making them appear main stream in order to accomplish his goals, hitler’s initial focus was directed toward fundamentally dismantling the existing  “Christian Church”.  He knew that if Germany was to change; the church would have to change first.  He didn’t remove the church; he disemboweled it, made it what he wanted it to be (an agent of the state) and called it Christian.

And just like in Germany’s hitler era “christian” churches;  some of today’s main stream, American “Christian Church” doesn’t even resemble true Christianity or the Christian Church of early America.

Much of what hitler did was purposed to change the very soul of Germany. By dismantling the existing Christian “church”, replacing church leadership with his  minions and altering government social programs,  hitler and his faction was able to deliver the change that people were promised they could count on, murder millions and destroy the Germany that once was…

Yet regardless of provided definitions, explanations or evidence many, even some who call themselves “Christian”, sneer at the idea of Christian persecution in America; Even though history is replete with similar trends.

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Christian Persecution in America

  • Michael Adams

    I really am glad I found your site, I am preparing a message for July 1, 2012 in our church. I am speaking on being free in Christ (Galatians 5:1) and just how we the Christian Church in America is under persecution. The points on hitler and how he lowered the church is a great example of what is happening in America today.

    • Christian Persecution in America Associates

      HalleluYah!! That’s Great Michael! Thanks for the comment. I’m so glad to hear that you can use that information. May Yahweh God use you to speak to His people in a mighty way and may they embrace what He has for us in these days!!! Parson Rayphe

  • Ane

    Hi, thank you for this article, I am from South-Africa and allthough they say our country consists of 70 % Christians, teachers are forced to teach children about evolution and other religions as if they were all the same path. Anything else is considered as discrimination. Even in some of our Churces they teach that all religions lead to salvation, and that Jesus did not rise from the dead and that it can only be considered as a symbol. We allso have the same problem considering gay rights, that you as a Christian have no right to feel offended when people show gay behavior in front of your children, because they have rights. In return Christians dont have the same rights to live by their principles. You are allowed to be a Christian, as long as you dont live like a Christian.

    • Christian Persecution in America

      Hi Ane, Thank you for the insightful comment. What you have described sounds like the early Roman empire. It seems the it is raising it’s ugly head again all over the world including here in America. If you are in South Africa may I recommend FrontLine Fellowship? Here is their link. They are a great group of people. Thank you again for the comment and Yahweh’s blessings to you.

  • Parson Rayphe

    (Posted for another) I found myself coming back to read this again. It has been almost a year since my last post. Now I see so much more happening in America than a year ago. I know some people may not agree but if this UN small arms treaty goes through as just that a treaty, we lose much more then our second amendment. We will be giving up the entire constitution of the United States. That means our first amendment will be gone. Any time we use the right to free speech to preach on sin we run the risk of jail. We will not be able to preach out on drunkenness, drug addiction, porn, abortion, homo sexuality, anything that could be considered “offensive.” Man this has my mind churning about this weeks sermon.

    • Parson Rayphe

      Thanks for your comment. Remember that Yeshua (Jesus), Isaiah, Jeremiah, or the twelve never heard of a first amendment! Blessings, Parson Rayphe

    • William Leonard Denend III

      Well the devil and his followers of evil, shouldn’t start a war that God is going to finish! lol I stand my ground in faith and in Jesus name! If they don’t like it, well that’s just tough! They shouldn’t be beating around the bush about it and try to see what they can get away with. I say, If they feel like a frog, than jump! Just hurry up and get it over with so we can finally be in Paradise while they face God’s wrath! By the way, they want to fill your mind with Mainstream LIES and keep you from making it to Heaven! I look forward to Revelation 11 and 13! I guess they forget that God sure isn’t gonna make it easy for them! lol

      • Mary Grace

        Ephesians 2:8-9 (ESV) 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,
        9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

        Jesus saves, if you’re in Christ, no mainstream lies will stop you from getting to Heaven. However, we should be on our guard against false teaching.

        Grace and peace be with you brother.

    • 1Peter4:17!

      its getting WORSE very very very BAD around the world and HERE the people are still ASLEEP to why!

  • Parson_Rayphe

    I agree Alvaro; many main stream churches would have people think that as long as they show up and put some money in the plate they have purchased weekly fire insurance premium.

    Unfortunately many will be very unpleasantly surprised when He says “Get away from me, I never knew you.”

    It truly is a minute by minute walk. Thank you for the comment.

  • Larry Mellette

    Is organized religion Christian Churches? If so please explain.

    • Parson_Rayphe

      Hi Larry,
      Thank you for the comment. I’m sorry but I’m not sure if you are directing this toward a comment or the article. I don’t remember using that term and I didn’t see it used in any of the comments. Would you mind clarifying for me? Thanks again

      • Larry Mellette

        It was in what Jefferson said about Organized Religion. I’m not a big fan of it. They think their views are gospel.To me you either believe in all of the Bible. You can’t pick and choose. Wasn’t directed at anyone in particular.

        • Parson_Rayphe

          I agree…. The Bible is a complete package… all or nothing to the best of our ability. Yeshua / Jesus made very clear what he thought about a half hearted attempt.

          Thank you for the comment

          • Patrick Edwards

            Jesus said his teachings will make brother kill brother and sons turn against their parents. I guess you agree this should be done if you follow Jesus’s teachings to the letter, no? Have you given up all your possessions for the “coming” end of the world, which should have happened before his Disciples died. You can thank a self-proclaimed Christen for publishing your website address on my favorite atheist blog. He made even less sense than your “complete package” opinion.

          • Kw Henry

            patrick edwards- the scripture you refer to is found in mark 13: 12, 13….Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son, and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death. 13. and ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake, but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved…and again in luke 21:16…what Jesus was saying is that belief in HIM would cause “strife”, “animosity”, or “hate torward one another, brother to brother, sister to sister, and so on…HE wasnt saying HIS teachings would “make” them kill each other, but hatred and animosity TOWARDS people who proclaim HIS message, would divide even the point that even brother would betray brother for speaking out about Christ…it was Jesus talking about how far this world would go to persecute and destroy believers in the “last days”..not about whole sale slaughter as if its a “command by Christ” as your question suggests..You said ” i guess you agree this should be done if you follow Jesus’ teachings to the letter”..thats NOT what Jesus was saying, HE was warning christians about how bad things would get in the last days..a wickedness that would seep into the very fabric of the family…showing that no matter how much we would like to think that some things are “untouchable” by evil, because of our “faith…in reality, nothing is truly “untouchable, and hence, we need to be on guard and watchful against these sorts of things that could easily slip through and destroy families from the inside out, if we are not watchful and vigilant…HE was saying hatred for HIM would cause brother to kill brother. Not because of some predestined approval from Christ, but because of the hatred for Christ becoming so out of control and enraged that even the family unit would not be safe from harm…THATS what HE was saying….so, SHOULD it be done, as you suggest? NO. The point was, and still is, that hate for Christ and His “teachings” is what will cause that..NOT that it “should” be done, as if it were some sort of religious “cleansing” as it were, as if it were a religious form of “ethnic cleansing” Not at all what Jesus was saying, patrick.

          • Parson_Rayphe

            Well said KW!!!

          • Parson_Rayphe

            Well said KW!

          • Kw Henry

            thank you, Parson_Rayphe…i appreciate that…Jesus said it better than i ever grateful to HIM for allowing me to have the words to speak…

          • Parson_Rayphe

            HalleluYah!!!! What a wonderful God we seve!!!!

          • Kw Henry

            AMEN! HalleluYah!….HE is truly wonderful…HE saved someone i once thought unsaveable ( myself), im so grateful to HIM for disagreeing with me on that subject! LOL. How could i NOT glorify HIM with every opportunity HE gives me? anyway, God bless you Parson_Rayphe…i pray HE continues to bless you as you continue shedding HIS light on the truth behind christian persecution…the truth needs to be told…whether people want to hear it or not. God is truth…we MUST imitate HIM regardless of opposition. again, may God continue to bless you and your work in HIS name…AMEN. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this conversation..have a great day!

          • 1Peter4:17!

            they think we ALL are STUPID!

          • Patrick Edwards

            you’re saying Jesus had prior knowledge that his teachings will cause destruction of families and death…and he continues as if this was of little concern. Could he not have found a better way to get his message across? He proclaimed all this world ending knowledge given to him but he couldn’t ask his Father how to get the message out less murderously? Is it possible the freak in Waco, TX was using the same argument to his flock, as was the guy who didn’t “make” his flock drink the Cool-Aid, but convinced them to do so because of “end of days”? Both situations tore families apart and resulted in bloodshed. Both are widely considered lunatics-do you disagree? I’d argue all three are the same socio-pathic, egotistical rantings of fools since no “end of days” has occurred-unless that term to you means something other than the world ending and judgement starting. A persons family is more important than some unproven, fairy tale. Does faith trump family?

          • Parson_Rayphe

            Patrick, I doubt you care but if you do, I’m going to give you a polite reminder of some of our discussion guidelines:

            “Polite discussion is encouraged.
            Abusive tones, foul language, expletives, graphic language, ethnic slurs, degrading comments, etc. will not be permitted.”

            Calling Jesus a fairy tale would certainly qualify for a “degrading comment”.

            But in case you would like to continue; Your comment seems to be summed up in your last statement: Does faith trump family?

            So, do you submit to every member of your family in every area of life? Do you not disagree with any of them? What if one of them gave you some advice that you were confident was erroneous? Would you follow it because they were “family”? I doubt it.

            So again, what Jesus is saying there is “some will see that the ways of God are best and follow them / me. This will even divide families”.

          • Kw Henry

            ok patrick, since you posed these questions to me, i feel it my responsibility to answer them in the best way i can, so..first: you were suggesting by your first line of questioning that there must have been a better way to get HIS message across? or to get HIS message “less murderously?”. in fact, your style of questioning suggests that it was the “message” and not the “opposers TO the message that was “murderous. in fact, it was the ones who brought that message of salvation and hope to the lost who were systematically jailed, tortured, and crucified…NOT the other way around. also, there are plenty of examples in the gospels where, not only did Jesus show concern for the suffering HE saw all around HIM, but on multiple occasions “wept” bitterly because of the paths HE knew the majority of people on earth would take that would lead them, not to HIMSELF, but to destruction..HE “wept” for jerusalem, he grieved over how wicked the world had become, and inevitably how much more it would become in the future…that just doesnt sound to me like someone who has “little concern”.and if He were not so concerned, why would HE have forwarned HIS disciples, indeed ALL the faithful, that there would be instances where they would be beaten, jailed, and yes, even executed, for HIS name sake? you see patrick, you assume that Jesus sends us out blindly into a wicked world like a general who commands his armies to die for his glory. as if WE are the agressors..but thats not true. Jesus warned us about what would happen because HE knew there would be wicked people looking to destroy us because we preach the gospel…HE wasnt commanding us to proclaim HIS message “murderously”, but in fact was warning us to watch out for those who would react to the message “murderously. its because people hate his message that causes murderous action..NOT the message itself. next post, ill reply to you concerning that reference you made to the “freak in Waco, and the “cool aid” thing…

          • Kw Henry

            the freak in waco texas, david Koresh, was not using the same argument to his flock, nor was jim jones, the fanatical cult leader in guyana, to whom you were referring to in your “koolaid” comment…for one, both these fanatical, murderous human beings believed, in what i can only assume was a lengthy bout of paranoid schizophrenia cobined with psychotic delusions, that they were, in fact GOD. koresh convinced his followers that they needed to engage in armed conflict with the fbi amassing at his front gate…koresh never intended to preach a message of salvation, they were doing everything they could to instigate conflict because he believed and manipulated most of his followers to believe, that it was the only way to bring about the apocalypse..thereby speeding up things to get to the day of the LORD know, armageddon. He was a madman who had a charismatic way about himself that fooled many people into dying with him on that day, but not all. He had no “Godly message” to deliver, patrick, its not possible that the anything he did is even remotely related to how Jesus commanded His disciples to preach…and the other “freak”? Jim jones..was a paranoid, delusion sick sick man who didnt “convince” his flock to drink the koolaid because of end of days..this was the guy who forced 800 people to drink the koolaid at gunpoint, and when i say “gunpoint” i mean he had a small army in his employ why held guns to the heads of those people and either forced them to drink, or flatly executed the ones who refused…and the little children were just plainly outright killed..Jesus sent HIS disciples to preach the good news of Jesus Christ, HIS act of redemption for us…again, patrick, HIS message wasnt designed to do anything “murderously”…its enemies of HIM and HIS message that commit horrible acts such as these, and many more. if one person says something in the face of another person who finds the words offensive, then proceeds to take out a gun and shoot the one who spoke..would you say its the speakers fault for speaking, or the murderers’ fault for shooting him? my guess is that the murderer would be held accountable..if a person is speaking out for Christ, and he/or she is attacked for speaking, who’s fault would that be, GODS, for sending out HIS faithful, or the assaulter, for commiting a crime?point is: in this world we live in, there IS no other way to get the message out, except by speaking it, writing about it, proclaiming it in some way or another, its the reaction of the hateful that cause the “murderous” response you suggest as being the fault of the message. Jesus gave plenty of warning, in many scriptures, that talked about how we would be hated for HIS namesake…i suppose that, in my human thinking, there is a “better way” to get the message out, in this ultra-violent, bloodthirsty anti christian world..and that would be to just never speak at all…so theres a choice, proclaim the message despite knowing the risks, or cower behind every corner hoping somebody does it for you..i choose the first way….i hope what ive said to you helps your understanding patrick..or at least provides even a little satisfaction to your questions. if not, then, i guess ill leave it at that. either way, have a good day. thank you for letting me have this opportunity to respond to you.

          • Patrick Edwards

            I’m glad you see the waco point in history the result of a madman. I’d also say many people thought Jesus at that time a madman. especially if he himself thought families would be torn apart by what he said. don’t submit to dogma, use some critical thinking on your own beliefs, not just what others believe or don’t.

          • 1Peter4:17!

            He has foretold us all things. Father trumps all families , YOUR mother, YOUR father ,YOUR sister ,YOUR brother, YOUR kids, and so on . And they are only your family in this earth age, NOT the next. So learn the word in the simplicity in Christ, if you care so much about them to make the FIRST CUT,IF IF you want to see your loved ones in Heaven!

          • 1Peter4:17!


          • Parson_Rayphe

            Thanks for your comments 1 Pet!

  • gods word forever

    I really like the article! I am very apprehensive in going to church anywhere yet I pray daily and read the bible. I am troubled by how religion has become like school. It all seems so superficial.

    • Parson_Rayphe

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t blame you for being apprehensive about “going to church”. Much of the main stream is superficial to say the least. May Yahweh God bless you as you seek Him.

  • Holly

    Yes, persecution of true faith is growing in America… and in our churches. It is often the churches on our home soil that persecute Christian faith with the most passion in America.

    “As many churches increasingly follow the secular culture’s lead toward a self-referential, emotion-driven way of life, those who seek to faithfully proclaim and apply the whole, undiluted Gospel in accordance with the Great Commission are finding themselves more frequently and more vigorously persecuted from within the self-identified “body of Christ”.”

  • larrymotuz

    I wish people would respect that there are people of nontraditional faiths, including Buddhist and Hindu, and other minority religious groups, as well as agnostics and atheists for whom vocal public school prayer does not have the meanings Christians associate with it. G*d made us different, and if it is not our example that attracts others, it will hardly be our public school prayer.

  • Josh Weinstein

    I found your story about the teacher being fired disturbing. But I also feel that firing someone for speaking out for tolerance is disturbing. Christians have been a lot more intolerant of any speech (especially coming from teachers) that acknowledges the existence or the rights of gay people.

    As for the Muslims that cut a Star of David into someone’s back, they will be prosecuted for their crime when they are caught. That is illegal. Ditto for whoever shot the two Evangelists. Those examples were not the work of society at large persecuting Christians, they were the work of disturbed individuals who violated the law.

    Should we view the killing of a doctor who provides abortions as the work of the disturbed individual who committed the crime, or should be blame Christianity as a whole?

    I just don’t believe that we can take the actions of some deranged psychopaths and hold it up as evidence of persecution of a particular religion.

  • Emily Kelly

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been reading disturbing news lately, in particular about the Christian Inter Varsity Fellowship being de-recognized by California State Schools for not agreeing to allow non-Christians in leadership positions, and also about ministers in Houston being asked to hand over sermons before preaching to make sure that what they have to say doesn’t involve any “hate speech”. I can’t believe how things are changing, and FAST. And nobody seems to be too concerned about it! You would think that Christians were in the VAST minority, because everyone is so quiet about it. These things would have been unheard of ten or twenty years ago. There is so much bigotry against Christianity it is astounding. We should all be praying fervently about these issues and how we should handle them.

    • Parson_Rayphe

      I agree Emily. we should all be in prayer. That is where the battle is truly won (and lost). Oh, and I believe that TRUE Christians ARE the vast minority in the natural realm, even in America at this time. They always have been and until Jesus returns, they always will be. But with Yahweh God, we are always in the majority see

      Thanks for the comment Emily. Blessings!

      • bill in Mich.

        When we have a president who is trying to fuel racial conflict, religious conflict, and some pastors who deny hell in their sermons we can expect what has been happening. The social gospel wants to get to heaven by good works and leading a good life. Thy deny or forget about all the suffering Jesus did for us to get Eternal life.

        • Parson_Rayphe

          Thanks for the comment Bill. I would agree except I’m not entirely sure that very many in the main stream are overly concerned about living a “good” life (pleasing to God)

          Another unfortunate thing is that even if they would like to, today, it seems that few know what a “good” life is according to Him.

          Thanks so much for the comment. Blessings to you!

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